About | Justice Cynthia Y. Cobbs for Supreme Court of IL
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Greeting From Justice Cobbs

“All of life’s experiences have value in the shaping of one’s future.”

On March 18, 2019, surrounded by my husband, Austin, friends, old and new, members of the clergy and longtime supporters, I announced my candidacy for Justice on the Supreme Court of Illinois. Having worked for the Illinois Courts for 30 years, I have the knowledge, experience, and the unique qualifications to serve as a Justice on Illinois’ highest court.

My professional career has been rich and diverse. Having worked as a clinical social worker, research attorney, judicial law clerk, staff attorney, chief legal counsel, state court administrator, circuit court judge, and now, as a Justice on the Illinois Appellate Court, I am more than prepared for this next step in my professional journey.  I have learned a lot of law and how to apply it, fairly, to a set of facts. My years as the Director of the Illinois Courts taught me much about the work of our Supreme Court and all that is involved in administering our judicial branch of government. But, more than that, I know from the whole of my life’s experiences, what it means to be a good judge.

Without question, the fair and timely disposition of legal disputes is critically important work for every judge.  No less important is working to ensure fairness and access to justice for every person who stands before a judge in our courts. But being a good judge requires even more than that. As judges, we are also citizens, role models  and public servants. And as such, we have a profound responsibility to serve the communities in which we live, to mentor our youth, and to conduct ourselves with dignity, honor and humility.  Being a good judge is about being accountable and accessible to those individuals we vowed to serve.

As the eighth born of nine children, I was taught early in life that generosity of spirit and strong values, coupled with hard work and education were the keys, not to great wealth, but to good success. As a first-generation lawyer, I never dreamed that one day, I would be privileged to even campaign for a seat on the state’s high court, or that one day, I might even be a justice on that court.  So, I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity.

I am a lifelong Democrat and a proud resident of south suburban Cook County.  As we approach primary election day, Tuesday, March 17, 2020, I look forward to sharing with the voters throughout Cook County the story of my professional journey and my vision, if honored to serve, as a Justice on the Supreme Court of Illinois. I hope that you will join me in my campaign and I thank you in advance for your support.