Justice Cynthia Y. Cobbs for Supreme Court of IL
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Dear Team CC Members, Friends, Family, Volunteers, Supporters, and Many Others,


You were with me throughout my campaign. You supported my efforts to become the first African American woman on the Illinois Supreme Court by giving your precious time, money, labor, skills, insights, ideas, wisdom, and more. I saw you; I heard you; and we came together in friendship and fellowship.


Tuesday, March 17 th arrived, the votes were cast, and the eventual totals revealed that we did not prevail as far as the election was concerned That was a hard race with seven candidates running to assume the seat of the late Justice Charles E. Freeman, my mentor, and the first African American on the Illinois Supreme Court. It was perhaps the hardest professional journey that I have ever attempted.


Yes, I was disappointed, and you probably were, as well. But I believe that the journey, itself, nonetheless, was a success. It was a success because together we campaigned based on principle and prevailed in showing that thousands of voters recognized that same vision as well. Times are changing. Women and men of all racial and cultural backgrounds are joining together and speaking up so that their voices can be heard. I know that history will be kind to our efforts.


I also believe it was a success because all of us came together on principle, pushed our personal boundaries, and got to know and experience each other in ways that were new and spirit-broadening. We all grew. I cannot tell you how blessed I am to have journeyed with you on that path.


So, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am eternally grateful to every one of you for the tremendous generosity you have shown and the hard work you have done on my behalf and the people of Illinois. You are winners in every way. Please take care of yourselves and your family during this crisis and follow the appropriate public health guidance. We will get through this together even if we stand six feet apart.




Justice Cynthia Y. Cobbs


“Satisfaction Lies In The Effort, Not In The Attainment, Full Effort Is Full Victory.”


Mahatma Gandhi